Connect the Hungarian pop-culture scene from the underground all the way up to the mainstream.

The Problem

The local pop-culture scene is quite fragmented, there is no real variety when a user would like to consume high quality cultural content in one place, be it written, musical or visual. Our client, PKÜ - Petőfi Cultural Agency - dreamt of a place to satisfy these needs and needed someone to help them on the way.

What We Did

Stereogram and the Petőfi Cultural Agency hand-in hand created a platform from the ground up to host and serve unique high quality content for all layers of Hungarian pop culture. They brought the idea, we’ve created the team behind it.

To make this project a success we have:

  • Assembled a cross functional team to serve the cause: consisting of product and project management representing business needs, developers and designers to create concepts and to build them.
  • Facilitated brainstorming and concept sessions to make sure goals are the same for all stakeholders.
  • Facilitated prioritisation sessions and built backlogs with epics and stories that all users can understand - all with full transparency towards our clients.
  • Introduced stand-ups, weekly syncs, demos and cycle retrospectives and additional ceremonies to improve workflows.
  • Designed the whole product from the early concept stages all to the final visuals.
  • Custom developed a content management system for the client so they can expand their vision in a scalable and maintainable manner.
  • Developed the product from scratch and made sure we have a monitoring tool for the future.
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  • The MVP scope delivered on time and based on expectations.
  • Aligned and created an idea and improvement backlog for future feature expansion.
  • Transparency and overall peer to peer satisfaction increased based on the retrospective sessions.
  • Supported a smooth launch period.
  • Customer satisfaction and responses are quite positive, the website being a content based platform, in the first week, average customer engagement on the website was above 9 minutes per active session.
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Clients Quote

The Hajógyár website is beautiful!
Bognár Attila - Owner & Founder / A38

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Bognár Attila - Owner & Founder / A38
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