Buda Health Center

One of Budapests’ leading health care institutions going through an overhaul of their digital platform as well as their organizations’ workflows.

The Problem

Plans just didn’t become a reality, developments ended up in release purgatory without follow-ups, functional methodologies didn’t evolve over time leading to slow “waterfall” projects with weak ownership. The business-developer-designer communication was done via endless and hard-to-keep-up email threads where details got lost in the noise.

What We Did

Stereogram partnered with BHC to act as a proxy between key stakeholders so that we can evolve their workflows and to ensure things “got done” while building maintainable and scalable habits based on industry best practices.

To make sure BHC succeeds, we have:

  • Enforced connections between stakeholders via setting transparent business goals that all parties can call their own.
  • Facilitated prioritization sessions, introduced management tools, and built backlogs with epics and stories that all users can understand.
  • Moved away from e-mail communication to a channel that fits most stakeholders for daily and quick turn-around communication.
  • Introduced weekly syncs, cycle retros, and additional ceremonies to improve workflows.
  • Attended and supported developer handover after sprints.
  • Acted as a supporting role in quick turn-around requests when it came to UX or UI design modifications to encourage proactivity.
  • Support of making their websites Accessible (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).


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Services we provided

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UX Design
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UI Design
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Content Production
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  • The MVP and further iterations are delivered based on real estimates and meeting expectations.
  • Internal workflows are being accepted within the organization beyond their digital team. (Marketing teams joining the experiment).
  • Transparency and overall peer-to-peer satisfaction increased based on the retrospective sessions.
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Clients Quote

Very good, very nice, very useable. Thank you Stereogram for making this happen!

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Project contributors

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